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Through its consulting services, Forward Impact works with forward-thinking foundations, family offices, corporations, developers, and policy makers who are committed to investing in systemic solutions to the economic inequities and disparities within our nation’s cities and regions including:

  • Accelerating equitable economic recovery out of the COVID pandemic

  • Building and aligning 21st century talent development systems

  • Strengthening equitable entrepreneurship and small business ecosystems

  • Realizing the catalytic economic and community impact potential of repurposed/ reimagined commercial and residential real estate projects in communities 

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  • Increasing demand for local products and services by activating procurement and anchor institution partnerships

  • Increasing access to affordable housing and strengthening families’ financial capabilities

  • Aligning economic and community development priorities such as increasing employment and small business growth opportunities while reducing the long-term cost of healthcare


Defining/refining strategic objectives

Identifying catalytic philanthropic/investment opportunities

Seeking and securing partnerships to leverage philanthropic/ private investment

Providing due diligence on potential grants and investments

Supporting deployment of capital and follow up


Creating opportunities for shared learning across Forward Impact’s national network


Leveraging philanthropic/ private investment with state and federal funding


CASE STUDY 1: Accelerating Small Business Recovery and Growth in Greensboro /

High Point, NC

To help accelerate the region’s equitable economic recovery, Forward Impact is working in partnership with Bruce Katz and the team at New Localism and Forward Cities to: convene cross-sector and diverse stakeholders to assess the health of region’s small business economy, facilitate a set of design sessions with cross-sector stakeholders in the community, develop and finalize a data-driven, community informed go forward action plan, and help identify potential sources of local, state, and federal resources to support its implementation including American Rescue Plan funds.   The final deliverable will be an actionable equitable small business recovery and growth strategy for the region.

To learn about these and other projects and explore engaging Forward Impact as a strategic partner, please contact us.

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